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But for the time being, I will say this. Backup everything. If you use a pump, then have spares parts or a new one standing by.

Personally I don't seem to have a great deal of luck, especially when it comes to electric, electronic or mechanical equipment. I have had multiple equipment failures in my years with fish. From my own personal experience I have finally learnt that the more you pay for quality items the better.

So this means that the bulk of 'cheap' equipment that enter this country is going to fail and unfortunately soon. They look like bargains but in the end the gadget will fail and you end up buying another, hopefully you will have learnt or you will soon be buying another.If you are lucky only the gadget will fail, but if you are like me the heater will remain stuck "on" and the fish will get cooked. I utterly hate being responsible for my fish dying.

Our fish rely on us to maintain their environment and to this end I will suggest a few products.

My recommended Equipment List: - NB. These recommendations are totally unpaid and are my own personal recommendations

Canister Filters and Pumps: Eheim
Hang On Filters: Aquaclear
Heaters: Sera or Jager(Eheim)
Big Air Pumps: Hi-Blow

As an example of my own backup methods that I use, I have two separate airlines that circulate air in my fishroom. Each circuit has its own air pump, there is another (spare) pump that is plumbed into the system and another sitting beside this in case I have a double failure and each pump has a separate UPS. The Airline powers just about every filter in the fishroom so it needs to work.

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cya Matthew Begaud

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