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Here is a link to a my DIY Caves Page. This humble "Bristlie Cave" is one reason why I created this site. I became a little annoyed when someone copied my design, mucked it up and then a person complained to me that I was building junk. The link shows how anyone can build one of these caves. They are dusty to build and require a few tools but I am sure that anyone who does not mind getting a little dusty can build one of these and if you really cannot, click here and I will sell you some. Note: Please be careful, anglegrinders bite!

What you will find at TheFishCave

Here you will find lots of DIY Fish Projects, some techniques that I use, along with some of my inventions that I use to both keep and breed my fish.

Some have taken a long time to develop and other ideas just appeared out of the blue. A good example of how an idea needs to develop, is shown in the article on brachybranchus breeding, it shows what work was done to find the problem and a possible solution. Then later on a real solution/invention needed to be made to solve it properly.

Please be a little patient with me

This is my first attempt at writing a website. I am trying to build this by myself, that way when a problem occurs I will be able to solve it, well that is the plan and so all of the bad bits are mine. The site will be a work an ongoing project so please check back soon to see how the site progresses. For the moment please email me with your suggestions or questions [MatthewTech ] @ [] Soon I will post up a contacts and notifications page, well, as soon as I learn how to control php scripts .

cya Matthew

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