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G'day and Welcome to The Fish Cave

The Fish Cave is a result of many people's efforts. Not so much those that have assisted me with the technical side of writing this site, but rather all of those people that have taken the time to teach me how to look after fish. I am in no way perfect and will happily welcome your suggestions and ideas, please contact me through the contacts page.

If you happen to have Firefox, the site is not displaying properly, please be patient as I work out what the problem is or just use Internet Explorer to see what it should look like.

The DIY Cave article and also the brachybranchus article are finished. Until I sort out the above problem I won't be uploading any further content.

Please be a little patient with me

This is my first attempt at writing a website. I am trying to build this by myself, that way when a problem occurs I will be able to solve it, well that is the plan and so all of the bad bits are mine. The site will be a work an ongoing project so please check back soon to see how the site progresses. For the moment please email me with your suggestions or questions [matthewtech ] @ [ ] Please remove brackets and spaces to email me.
Coming soon a real contacts and notifications page, as soon as I learn how to control php scripts .

cya Matthew

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