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DIY Gravel Syphon

This article kind of operates hand in hand with the Bucketless Waterchanges article. This is a simple method of attaching a gravel syphon to any hose you can get a fitting for.

To Build a gravel syphon I simply attached a regular garden hose fitting. This allows me to click on and attach my garden hose and syphon directly outside. No more carrying buckets of water.


gravel_syphonModified hose Nozzle
Shopping List:
  • Garden nozzle (You can use just about any garden hose connector that you have available)
  • Aquarium safe silicone
  • An old gravel syphon, preferably clear tubing, cut to whatever length you need the gravel syphon to be


Traditional Gravel Syphon

If you cannot do the above then have a go at modifying a standard gravel syphon. Just attach a hose connector and away you go. Keep in mind though that the 'Blue' plastic connectors have a habit of breaking and also the hose supplied is very thin and is prone to kinking, as you can see.




The garden nozzle: Remove the end, using a hacksaw. Roughen up the sides, this allows the silicone to grip the plastic a little better. I use a very rough file, a Stanley knife and a wire brush or whatever I can get my hands on that will ensure there is a nice rough surface that will allow the silicone to grip properly.

Get your old gravel syphon and roughen up the inside portion, where the silicone will be holding the hose connector. About 5 cm is all that you need to roughen up.

Grab your silicone gun and put the whole lot together, try to minimise the amount of air bubbles. Don’t be shy, use some cheap plastic gloves with your fingers dipped in white vinegar, to ensure the silicone is placed where you need it to be.

Leave for about 72 hours and then you are ready for action. I double the time due to the increased curing time required for the thick silicon.

cya Matthew Begaud

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