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Egg Tumblers

Firstly what is an Egg Tumbler? An Egg Tumbler is used to simulate the actions of a mouthbrooding fish.
Eg Female cichlids and indeed some males will take the eggs up into their mouths and "tumble" them. This action cause a constant flow of water and oxygen over the eggs. This allows the eggs to develop and finally hatch into fry.

Since Writing this page I could write how to build a DIY Egg Tumbler but to be honest you are almost wasting your time, because whenever I used one I had terrible results unless the fry were already heads and tails. So because of this I will not be posting up a DIY in this area. If you would like to buy and Egg Tumbler please have a look here.

What you will find at TheFishCave

Here you will find lots of DIY Fish Projects, some techniques that I use, along with some of my inventions that I use to both keep and breed my fish.

Some have taken a long time to develop and other ideas just appeared out of the blue. A good example of how an idea needs to develop, is shown in the article on brachybranchus breeding, it shows what work was done to find the problem and a possible solution. Then later on a real solution/invention needed to be made to solve it properly.

Please be a little patient with me

This is my first attempt at writing a website. I am trying to build this myself, that way when a problem occurs I will be able to solve it, well that is the plan and so all of the good and bad bits are mine. The site will be an ongoing project so check back soon to see how the site progresses. For the moment please email me with your suggestions, articles, pictures or questions [MatthewTech ] @ [] Please remove brackets and spaces to contact me.
Soon I will post up an interactive contacts and notifications page, well as soon as I learn how to control php scripts .

cya Matthew Begaud

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